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At the Think Startups unconference, you can join and lead sessions on everything related to starting up and startup life

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What is this?

Think Startups is an unconference in Leeds which focuses on a the area of starting, running and growing a company.

Who is this aimed at?

We are aiming this day at people intrested in startups, either founders, people looking to start one or people who just want to know more about them.

What else is happening during the day?

We are still planning a lot of things, but we've got cofounder speed dating, 20 minute mentors & the Elevator Pitch off.


We will be using the excellent facilltiies of the Round Foundry Media Centre.


Think Startups will be on Saturday May 18th 2013


This event is possible due to the awesome folk at Round Foundry, Tower Works and other sponsors we've yet to convince!


The event is organised by Hodgetastic with a team of superstars making sure it runs smooth & Dom doesn't set things on fire.


What's an unconference?

An unconference is an event where the attendees create and run the sessions there are limited 'set sessions' but for the most part, you turn up, pick a slot and see if anyone turns up.

Do I have to present?

No, unlike a barcamp we don't try and make everyone present but we would like people to get involved as much as possible.

Is this an overnight event?

No, this is a single day event, we may have an evening party depending on funding but the focus is putting on a fantastic single day

What are 20 minute mentors?

We've partnered with several organisations to bring you 20 minute meetings with them to ask advice and get information on specific areas of your startup, Solicitors, Accountants, Investors and other Successful Startup founders.

Whats the internet situation?

The Round Foundry is one of the most connected buildings in Leeds! We are really excited to have the connectivity of the building as our backbone, I can't say it won't go down at some point but if the wireless is going to stay up in one building in Leeds, It's going to be this one!

I don't want to stay overnight!

That's fine, there are several hotels close by (or you can ask for a sofa from your fellow hackers)

I have more questions / I want to write about this

Why not email Dom, thinkstartups@hodgetastic.com

Where to stay